American White Pelican  ( Pélican d'Amérique )      This species is of special interest to Timiskaming birders.    All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

Description:    American White Pelican
Photo Date:   August 31, 2010


Gowganda Lake


Mary Bullock

General Notes

The population of American White Pelican appears to be increasing significantly, according to a recent analysis of Christmas Bird Count and Breeding Bird Survey records conducted by National Audubon Society scientists. It is possible that the North American population has increased by as much as 450 % in the last 40 years, although there is insufficient data about this species to be highly confident in the actual magnitude of the population growth. The trend, however, is considered statistically significant.

Abundance: Rare Earliest observed:  

Typical spring arrival:

Jun. 30

Typical fall arrival:

Aug. 18
Breeding Status: Migrant Latest observed:  

Typical spring departure:

Jun. 30

Typical fall departure:

Aug. 18

Documented Observations



August 18, 2003. Five pelicans observed in Lake Timiskaming at the New Liskeard waterfront by Adam Knight

June 30, 2004. One observed at Mountain Lake by Barry Kinch.

August 31, 2010. One observed and photographed by Mary Bullock on Gowganda Lake in front of her residence. Photos on file.