Field Sparrow  ( Bruant des champs )    This species is on the OBRC review list for northern Ontario.  All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Spizella pusilla

 (No high quality local photo available yet for this species.) 

General Notes

In Ontario, the Field Sparrow is primarily a southern species of open shrubland areas and weedy fields.  Although Field Sparrow populations appear to be declining elsewhere over its range, by as much as 70% over the last 40 years in many areas, the Ontario population has increased significantly, and has more than tripled in numbers over the same period of time.

A rare visitor this far north, there is some indication that Field Sparrows have increased their range northwards slightly, and are now regularly seen on Manitoulin Island and in the North Bay area.  With the prevalence of abandoned farm fields and old cattle pastures in some parts of Timiskaming District, this is a species worth keeping a watch for.  They are easy to find when present, as they have a habit of perching conspicuously on small trees and shrubs in open habitat, and the song is distinctive, loud, and far-carrying.

Abundance: Out of range
Breeding Status: Accidental

Documented Observations



September 29, 2002, one banded at Hilliardton Marsh by Bruce Murphy. Photo on file with OBRC. 

September 29 - October 3, 2008. One observed and photographed by Michael Werner at a feeder in Henwood Twp.


Banding Results






2002   1   1