Lark Bunting  ( Bruant noir et blanc )      This species is on the OBRC review list for northern Ontario.  All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Calamospiza melanocorys

 (No high quality local photo available yet for this species.) 

General Notes

The North American population of this species has decreased by 66% in the forty years spanning 1966 to 2006, according to a recent analysis of Christmas Bird Count and Breeding Bird Survey records conducted by National Audubon Society scientists. Though there is always some inherent variability in the source data, there is a sufficient data for this species to be able to quantify the change in population with a high level of statistical confidence.

Abundance: Out of range
Breeding Status: Accidental

Documented Observations


May 25-26, 1959. One observed in Kirkland Lake, found by Jim and Gertrude McClanahan, and also observed by Fred Helleiner. (No OBRC record.)