Osprey  ( Balbuzard pÍcheur )

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Pandion haliaetus

 (No high quality local photo available yet for this species.) 

General Notes

Although not considered common in Timiskaming, the Osprey is nevertheless a reliable nester in the area, with typically 15 to 20 pairs raising young successfully here in most years.  Some lakes have had active nests for many years without interruption.  Their continental population is increasing significantly, according to a recent analysis of Breeding Bird Survey records conducted by National Audubon Society scientists. It is possible that the North American population has increased by over 1000% in the last 40 years. Although there is insufficient data to be highly confident in the actual magnitude of the population growth, the trend is considered statistically significant.

Abundance: Uncommon Earliest observed date:  

Typical arrival date:

April 24
Breeding Status: Breeding Latest observed date:  

Typical departure date:

September 11