Peregrine Falcon  ( Faucon pèlerin )      This species is of special interest to Timiskaming birders.    All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Falco peregrinus



Description:    Peregrine Falcon
Photo Date:   April 28, 2009


Casey Township


Michael Werner

General Notes

The population of Peregrine Falcon appears to be increasing significantly, according to a recent analysis of Christmas Bird Count and Breeding Bird Survey records conducted by National Audubon Society scientists. It is possible that the North American population has increased by over 2600% in the last 40 years. Although there is insufficient data about this species to be highly confident in the actual magnitude of the population growth, the trend is considered statistically significant.  

Having been considered Endangered for several decades in Ontario, this species is currently identified with a status of Threatened.  In Timiskaming, there are several known nesting locations that are used in most years.

Abundance: Occasional Earliest observed date:  

Typical arrival date:

April 15
Breeding Status: Breeding Latest observed date:  

Typical departure date:

September 25

Documented Observations



May 10, 1997. One observed in Hilliardton Marsh by Barry Kinch.

April 21, 2002. One sub-adult observed eating a duck in a field 1km south of Belle-Vallée by Jonathan Fréchette and 15 other observers.

September 1, 2006. One observed in Hilliardton Marsh by Michael Werner.