Red-shouldered Hawk  ( Buse à épaulettes )      This species is of special interest to Timiskaming birders.    All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Buteo lineatus

 (No high quality local photo available yet for this species.) 

General Notes

The population of Red-shouldered Hawk appears to be increasing significantly, according to a recent analysis of Christmas Bird Count and Breeding Bird Survey records conducted by National Audubon Society scientists. It is possible that the North American population has increased by as much as 180% in the last 40 years. There is sufficient data about this species to have a fairly high level of confidence in this magnitude of growth.

Abundance: Rare Earliest observed date:  

Typical arrival date:

April 15
Breeding Status: Breeding Latest observed date:  

Typical departure date:

September 15

Documented Observations


May 1981. One observed in Bayly Township north of Skeleton Lake. Observation details on file with the Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC) in Peterborough.