Say's Phoebe  ( Moucherolle ventre roux )      This species is on the OBRC review list for northern Ontario.  All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Sayornis saya

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General Notes

The single Timiskaming record of this distinctively coloured western flycatcher represents a bird that was far away from home. Found throughout western North America from Alaska to Mexico, this is a species most at home in open expanses, from prairies and deserts to northern tundra. It is also comfortable near towns, and often uses human made structures as nest sites. The song is a quick pit-see-ar, and the call is a whistled pee-ee. These two vocalizations are often heard in incessant alternation.

The numbers of this bird are declining, probably due to loss of habitat in its winter range in southern Mexico. The Say's Phoebe breeds farther north than any other flycatcher, seemingly limited only by the lack of nest sites. It breeds north past the tree line, and may be following the Alaska pipeline even farther north, nesting on the pipeline itself.

This bird was named for Thomas Say, the American naturalist. 

Abundance: Out of Range
Breeding Status: Accidental

Documented Observations

Late November to early December, 1948. One observed in Haileybury by H.G. Pickard.