Short-billed Dowitcher  ( Bécassin roux )

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Limnodromus griseus

Description:    Short-billed Dowitcher
Photo Date:   May 18, 2007


Hilliardton Marsh


Michael Werner

General Notes


Abundance: Occasional Earliest observed:  

Typical spring arrival:

May 7

Typical fall arrival:

Aug. 4
Breeding Status: Migrant Latest observed:  

Typical spring departure:

May 18

Typical fall departure:

Sep. 1

Documented Observations



May 10, 1960. three birds at Kirkland Lake observed by Fred Helleiner.

August 27, 1967. six birds observed at Englehart by Fred Helleiner.

September 1, 1967. Two birds observed at the New Liskeard sewage lagoons by Fred Helleiner.

May 18, 2007. One seen and photographed at Hilliardton Marsh by Michael Werner.