Snowy Owl  ( Harfang des neiges )      This species is of special interest to Timiskaming birders.    All sightings should be documented and reported.

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Bubo scandiaca

Description:    Immature Snowy Owl
Photo Date:   December 2, 2008


Armstrong Township


Serge Gendron

General Notes

The scientific name of the Snowy Owl was changed in 2003 from Nyctea scandiaca to Bubo scandiaca. This change was to recognize that the Snowy Owl is really an arctic form of eagle-owl, which are in the genus Bubo.

Abundance: Occasional Earliest observed date:  

Typical arrival date:

October 24
Breeding Status: Winter Visitor Latest observed date:  

Typical departure date:

April 25

Documented Observations



April 25, 1965. One observed in Casey Township by members of the Kirkland Lake Nature Club.

February 28, 1998. One observed in Haileybury by Doug Fraser.

November 16, 2008. One immature on the shore of Lake Timiskaming in Dymond Twp. reported to Bruce Murphy. (Name of the discoverer was not disclosed.)

November 22, 2008. One adult observed by Bruce and Reed Murphy near Hwy 11 in Dymond Twp. 

November 29-30, 2008. Three immature owls discovered in Dymond Bruce and Reed Murphy. Photos by M. Werner on file.

December 1-2, 2008. One immature discovered by Andrew Douppe and photographed by Serge Gendron south of Earlton in Armstrong Twp.