Timiskaming Birding Area 

The Timiskaming Birding Area is based on the boundary of the Timiskaming Administrative District, excluding the arm protruding westward at its northwest corner.  That is, from the Quebec border on the east to the western boundaries of Fallon and Dufferin Townships on the west (approximately 22km west of Gowganda), and from one township above Kirkland Lake on the north to one township below Latchford on the south.  The area includes Lorrain and South Lorrain townships along the west shore of Lake Timiskaming. The arm of twelve townships, arranged 6 wide and 2 high, from Douglas and Geikie west to Hillary and Pharand townships, although part of the Timiskaming Administrative District, is excluded from the Timiskaming Birding Area.  This is primarily to achieve a more practical shape to the area of interest, and accounts for the fact that these townships are relatively unpopulated, and are included in the area of interest of the Timmins Naturalists.  The Timiskaming Birding Area also includes most of Lady-Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park, a popular and scenic wilderness class park.

Map of Timiskaming Birding Area