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A wealth of local bird information at your fingertips! Visit Timiskaming Birds for species checklists, Timiskaming hotsopts, and much more.  Content is updated regularly, so visit often.

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A complete and regularly updated listing of all species that have been observed in our area.


Released in 2007, the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas is one of our most  important bird research efforts.


A revolution in bird song id, birdJam loads songs onto the Apple iPodĀ®.  In 15 seconds, you can listen to any of 650 birds in the well-organized playlists.

Other Ontario Birding Links

Ontario Field Ornithologists official website.
The Ontario Bird Records Committee, a panel of experts that reviews rare bird reports for the official provincial record.
OFO's electronic mailing listserv that notifies birders of interesting Ontario bird sightings.
A number of other birding links that may be of interest.

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What's New

  • Lesser Black-backed Gull - Henwood Twp.

    This morning on my commute to work, I glanced out the window at a bunch of gulls in a harvested field that has been hosting gulls for about a week, not expecting to see anything different. It took me a moment to process the brief glimpse, and I immediately turned around and had a second look. Sure enough, there was a Lesser Black-backed Gull standing...
    Posted to Rare Sightings (Forum) by Mike Werner on 09-19-2014
  • Re: Strange Goose - Evanturel Twp

    Note also that the colour change at the bottom of the neck is different than on the Canada's - a little lower and much less abrupt.
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Mike Werner on 09-16-2014
  • Re: Strange Goose - Evanturel Twp

    Hi, I'd go for a hybrid Canada X domestic goose. To me the bill is too large to be related to Great white-fronted. And body size looks a bit larger than Canada's.
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by joe_frechette on 09-15-2014
  • recent sightings

    Saw a flock of about 75 American Pipits at the KL golf course on Friday. Went for a walk at Goldthorpe Road yesterday evening - very quiet, only a few Flickers and Ravens until just before I got back to the truck when I heard a Great Horned Owl call. On the ride home I saw what was probably a Red-tailed Hawk - 99% sure but it was backlit and it was...
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Mike Leahy on 09-14-2014
  • Strange Goose - Evanturel Twp

    Went for a drive after supper last evening. I saw something different in a flock of Canada Geese. I was really hoping for a Blue Morph Snow Goose, but I think I have a hybrid, or a Leucistic Canada Goose. Here are some really long shots, blown up. Its bill looks pink, it has a dark cap, its head, in the second picture, looks larger than the other Canada...
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Serge on 09-12-2014
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