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A wealth of local bird information at your fingertips! Visit Timiskaming Birds for species checklists, Timiskaming hotsopts, and much more.  Content is updated regularly, so visit often.

Local Information

A complete and regularly updated listing of all species that have been observed in our area.


Released in 2007, the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas is one of our most  important bird research efforts.


A revolution in bird song id, birdJam loads songs onto the Apple iPodĀ®.  In 15 seconds, you can listen to any of 650 birds in the well-organized playlists.

Other Ontario Birding Links

Ontario Field Ornithologists official website.
The Ontario Bird Records Committee, a panel of experts that reviews rare bird reports for the official provincial record.
OFO's electronic mailing listserv that notifies birders of interesting Ontario bird sightings.
A number of other birding links that may be of interest.

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What's New

  • Re: waxwing moment

    Canadian Feathers by Pat E Bumstead, also the Lone Pine field guide to Ontario birds ( full page for each species) I had written a longer post but it was another Oops.... Neither is great but both are worth having for the extra info not in the standard guides
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Mike Leahy on 05-28-2016
  • Re: waxwing moment

    Sounds like an interesting reference, with lots more than just how to identify the bird. Can you provide more details on this book?
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Mike Werner on 05-27-2016
  • waxwing moment

    The Cedar Waxwings are late this year so I went for a walk to Fireman's Park, seeing as there were lots of bugs in the air. Sure enough, in exactly the same tree as I first saw them last year were about a dozen Cedar Waxwings. Last year I caught them just coming out of the bath - cleaning up after the long trip north. Today they were milling about...
    Posted to General Bird Talk (Forum) by Mike Leahy on 05-26-2016
  • Re: Birdathon a success!

    Ann and I also had a great day Sunday doing the Birdathon. We altered our route, eliminating the Elk Lake to New Liskeard to Belle Vallee portion in favour of more time between Kirkland Lake to the north and Englehart to the south with a detour to the Marsh to finish off the day though we did get a couple more on the way home as darkness fell. We got...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Mike Leahy on 05-25-2016
  • Re: Birdathon a success!

    I have added Cape May Warbler to the species list for the day, and adjusted our count total accordingly. I have done the same for White-breasted Nuthatch, which I missed as tally person and have been corrected by my fellow Swifts -- the two of them. In my draft listing I had also left out Red-eyed Vireo, which we had at two locations (and got visual...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Mike Werner on 05-24-2016
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