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Timiskaming's First Ross's Goose!

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  • 04-03-2017 7:58 PM

    Timiskaming's First Ross's Goose!

    Unbeknownst to the avid birders in the area, a small flock of eight geese stopped in for an extended two week stay at the farm of Gary and Rita Sparling in Kenabeek in mid-March of this year. Although the precise dates were not recorded, the Sparlings tell me that they arrived during that bitterly cold spell around March 9th, 2017, and stuck around for a good two weeks. Although skittish at first, they began to behave almost like domestic geese during their stopover, allowing fairly close approach, and they quickly learned that the tractor and the kids were not any real danger to them. The Sparlings had some loose grain available on the ground in their yard, which allowed them to refuel enough to withstand the bitterly cold temperatures we had at that time - the coldest weather we had had all winter. The geese decided it was time to leave the day that one of the them was taken by a Bald Eagle. Gary actually witnessed the Eagle knocking one of them out of the air.

    I just heard about them today, long after they had departed, from Randy Sheldon at the nearby Kenabeek General Store. Randy had taken some photos, which I naturally asked to see. His photos showed the birds very clearly and from close range. Amongst the six white morph Snow Geese and one Blue Morph Snow Goose, I quickly picked out a single Ross's Goose from Randy's photos. As far as I know, this is the first documented record of a Ross's Goose in Timiskaming District, though Serge Gendron had a probable Ross's/Snow Goose hybrid a few years back.

    Here's one of Randy's photos, clearly showing the Ross's in close proximity to a Snow Goose for easy comparison. This photo was taken on March 9th. The Ross's Goose is the one at the top.

    Here's a more direct side-by-side comparison of the heads of the rightmost Snow Goose with the Ross's Goose from the above photo.

  • 04-05-2017 11:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Timiskaming's First Ross's Goose!

    so cool!
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