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Migration Monday – May 29, 2017

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  • 05-29-2017 8:31 PM

    Migration Monday – May 29, 2017

    May is almost over, and so is the migration. Most Arctic birds have passed through our area, and most Boreal birds are busy setting up housekeeping, if not already actively feeding nestlings. It was a strange spring that saw many species arrive earlier than expected, and many later. But our expectations don’t matter much… we have to trust that Nature knows what she is doing, and my silly human averages will take many more years before their accuracy becomes even close to trustworthy. The exponential growth of data generated by the ever-increasing number of birders in the district, harnessed by the power of on-line reporting systems like eBird, will also continue to adjust our knowledge and understanding of the miracle of migration.

    Last week saw the arrival of most of the remaining species. Last Tuesday, Bruce Murphy, Mike Werner, and I were joking that the only warbler recorded in Timiskaming that hadn’t been banded at the marsh this year was the elusive Connecticut Warbler. So, on Thursday, May 25th, our incredible banding crew took care of that, setting a marsh first for banding all of Timiskaming's warblers in one banding season. Last week, they also banded Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, and spotted Common Nighthawk and Olive-sided Flycatcher. Bruce also reports Great Crested Flycatcher from Dawson Point since last Friday, the day Mike Werner found Short-billed Dowitcher at the New Liskeard lagoons. Saturday after the great “Wild about Wings and Wetlands” event, Mike Werner, Emilie Bernard, and I discovered Cedar Waxwings and Wilson’s Phalarope near Earlton, while Bruce spotted the first Chimney Swift of the season in New Liskeard. And today, the banding crew heard a Black-billed Cuckoo calling at the marsh.

    As reported last week, my Timiskaming record for most species spotted in the district in a year stands at 215. The Cuckoo brings this year’s list to 202, and it’s not June yet! For the last few weeks, Mike Werner and I have been “arguing” whether we will beat the record this year; Mike is positive we will, while I’m pessimistic. I must admit, though, that it’s starting to look more likely. Of the 21 species that made the list last year, but have not been reported this year, 15 are birds that are typically reported in the fall. So, if you happen to spot a Varied Thrush or Glossy Ibis, or any of the more likely candidates, such as Scoters or Warbling Vireo, be sure to report it to,, or this page. Prove Mike right, and me wrong!

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    Re: Migration Monday – May 29, 2017

    right now is the time for Scoters, I had 2 species in Rouyn yestreday.
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